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A Note On Speak Your Peace & The Recent Events In Charlottesville


It has been Moksha/Modo Yoga International’s intention to largely refrain from making any partisan posts on social media, so as not to make any person feel isolated from the community, or that they don’t belong – after all, Moksha and Modo Yoga IS a Place For All, and we really do mean that.

A Letter To Moksha/Modo Studio Owners After The Passing Of Michael Stone

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(This is a modified letter that Moksha/Modo Yoga co-founder Ted Grand wrote to Moksha/Modo studio owners after the passing of one of our long-time teacher training lecturers, Michael Stone) I just finished teaching a class at the teacher training and was almost brought to tears a few times.  Once was during bridge pose, and I… More details

Why We Fight For Water

25377636019_8cfbc7c1b7_o works around the world to prevent disastrous climate change. Our name signifies the safe level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, 350 parts per million, but we are now over 400 ppm. has helped build a global movement behind the goal of transitioning the world beyond fossil fuels and embracing a renewable energy future. At heart of so much of our work is the need to protect our valuable water resources.