Moksha/Modo Yoga was founded on the principle that we can create positive change in the world through the practice of yoga. Our Level-1 Teacher Training Program strives to amplify our vision for peace and goodwill, and with that our goal is to provide opportunities to people who deserve a chance to be recognized and celebrated.


BE ACCESSIBLE SCHOLARSHIP four awarded per year (1-2 per Level 1 Training)

We acknowledge that there is a gross underrepresentation of POC (People of Colour) in the yoga world, and we are determined to change that by making accessibility a priority in our teacher trainings and studios. We offer the Be Accessible Scholarship because we believe there is great power in diversity. This is a full scholarship* to the Moksha/Modo Level-1 Teacher Training (1-month intensive + 11-month Distance Learning Program) that is offered to People of Colour and First Nations people.

* travel, accommodations and food are not included 


BE PEACE SCHOLARSHIP one awarded per Level-1 Teacher Training
There are also many students in our community who are doing great work in the world. We honour the social justice activists, the environmentalists, and the people who are helping other people by offering the Be Peace Scholarship. This is a 50%-off scholarship* to the Moksha/Modo Level-1 Teacher Training (1-month intensive + 11-month Distance Learning Program) that is offered to NGO/not-for-profit employees, environmental activists and social justice activists.
* travel, accommodations and food are not included



Create a 3-5 minute video of yourself answering the following questions:

  • Which scholarship are you applying for?
  • Which Level-1 Training have you applied for?
  • What is your home studio?
  • Why do you think you would be a suitable recipient of this scholarship?
  • Why do you think this scholarship is important in the context of yoga?
  • How would you integrate the skills you learn at Teacher Training into your daily life?
  • Is your attendance in the Teacher Training contingent on receiving this scholarship?

PLEASE NOTE: An application for the Level-1 Teacher Training must be filled out separately, PRIOR to your application for one of our scholarships. CLICK HERE to apply for training.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 3-months prior to the start date of the Level-1 Teacher Training you have applied for.

Please send your video to teachertraining@mokshayoga.ca with the training and scholarship you are applying for in the subject line.

All applicants will be notified once the recipient has been informed and has accepted the scholarship.