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Speak Your Peace: The Global Campaign

Moksha/Modo Yoga’s Speak Your Peace campaign is supporting this year, and our community fundraising goal is $65,000. To find out WHY, please read this very short and informative post from our friend Andrea Palframan at Pull-Together! AND… if you’d like to donate directly, please visit our FUNDRAISING PAGE. Every little bit goes a… More details

Moksha Community Culture

Moksha Community Culture

Moksha Yoga Platform Calm mind. Fit body. Inspired life. The History of the Moksha Community Culture (also known as Modo internationally) The first 3 Moksha Yoga studios opened in Toronto, Canada in 2004. In just over 11 years the Moksha community culture has grown to a family of 70+ studios with Moksha/Modo yoga being taught all over… More details