Moksha Community Culture

Moksha Community Culture

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Calm mind. Fit body. Inspired life.

The History of the Moksha Community Culture (known internationally as Modo Yoga)

The first 3 Moksha Yoga studios opened in Toronto, Canada in 2004. In just over 11 years the Moksha community culture has grown to a family of 70+ studios with Moksha/Modo yoga being taught all over the world! Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson are the social activists and yoga revolutionaries behind the Moksha/Modo Yoga movement. This family has evolved and flourished with the ideas, hard work and support of every Moksha/Modo Yoga studio owner, Moksha/Modo Yoga teacher and most importantly through a community of devoted students working on bettering the world on a subtle level – one sweaty yoga class at a time!

Moksha/Modo Community Vision

Moksha/Modo yoga is a community of independent hot yoga studios committed to ethical, compassionate and environmentally conscious living. We strive to collectively communicate that the benefits of yoga are limitless and accessible to all. We work to provide students with the tools to develop a calm mind, a fit body and an inspired life!
By acknowledging that the benefits of yoga extend beyond the yoga mat, the Moksha/Modo community works to make the world a happier, and more peaceful place to live.

Moksha/Modo Yoga Mission

Moksha/Modo Yoga ignites individual potential in community to create peace and vibrant health for people and the earth.

We are environmentally conscious in every way possible! This is not out of obligation but out of a shared honouring and respect for the natural world and it’s role in supporting our every day lives. Every Moksha/Modo yoga teacher and studio owner acts as a leader in their choice to live with an ever decreasing environmental footprint. We are silent catalysts for change so that our actions, not merely our words, lead to learning and change within our community. Because our focus is on active leadership we honour that each individual works at their own pace. We feel lucky to have been exposed to environmental consciousness and are thus compassionate rather than judgmental toward those that do not act with awareness.

Accessibility with our words, actions and the structure of our classes is a cornerstone of the Moksha/Modo community. We work to speak to students in language that is accessible to them. Through a knowledge of modifications we make every posture available to every individual despite their body shape, existing injuries or fitness level. Classes are also made accessible to those that are at a high fitness level by knowing how to make postures more challenging. Every Moksha/Modo class is structured to allow students more access to their own bodies’ full potential. Moksha/Modo classes are made accessible to those that can’t afford yoga through the trade program and through class pass discounts where needed.

Moksha/Modo studios and Moksha/Modo teachers work to extend the benefits of yoga beyond the yoga mat and into the world. This is accomplished through the funds generated by the Karma Class program, the involvement and support of the New Leaf Yoga Foundation and Power of Movement, and through studio specific community outreach programs.

Every Moksha/Modo yoga teacher and studio owner is committed to continuing education as the foundation for growth and development as a teacher and community leader.

Each pillar of the Moksha/Modo Yoga Mission is supported by a collective adherence to a beginner’s mind.

Moksha/Modo Yoga Quick Facts…

These are great tips to pass along to your current community, to the press and anyone else inquiring about what this Moksha/Modo thing is all about:

  • The Moksha/Modo Yoga community was enviro-friendly back when ‘green’ was just another colour in the rainbow.
  • The Moksha/Modo Yoga community continues to be a pioneer in all things earth-loving!
  • Hot yoga is anti-aging, calorie-burning, disease preventing goodness, and addresses a whole slew of common ailments.
  • The Moksha/Modo Yoga series is designed so that every bendy or non-bendy person can take part…this is why the Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research Centre Foundation chose Moksha/Modo Yoga as their yoga partner in their annual fundraising event “Power of Movement” , across Canada
  • Moksha Yoga gives back! Jessica Robertson co-founded the New Leaf Yoga Foundation, and the Moksha Yoga community provided the seed funding for the project.
  • There are over 350 Moksha/Modo yoga teachers worldwide.
  • Moksha/Modo Yoga Karma classes have raised collectively
    over half a million dollars over 5 years!

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