savasana pose

Savasana Pose

Just kidding… Savasana Pose is thee most important yoga pose in the world.  It is a VERY relaxing posture at the start and end of all of our classes, regardless of the style. If all you had was 10 minutes a day, or even 1 minute to practice yoga, we recommend this pose above all other poses.  Just lie on your back, take your hands and legs far away from your body, and stretch right out.  Once here, just breathe!  When the level 2 sequence was being made, Jess and Ted jokingly (and a little bit seriously) thought that the entire class should just be savasana pose.  A testament to how challenging but also how nourishing the pose is.  If you can lie there (without falling asleep) for that long and only focus on your breath, you really are the advanced student.  Savasana can change the world!

Ability Level: all levels